The Future of Caledonia Works

And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets”
Habakkuk 2:2

This is the Caledonia Works “Roadmap” for the 2021-25. Our planned DLC which Cameron, Gwion, Joe & myself will be making for Train Simulator. DLC will be made in no particular order or timeframe & will be subject to change. As far as the future can tell, we plan on staying in Railworks but if a future Train Sim opens up which we can make dlc for, we are always open to trying new things. All announced/released DLC will be made for Locomotion Script 1.4 but will have an optional update to Locomotion Script 2.0 when it is finished.

However, once this list of DLC is finished, I will more than likely hang up my hat & move onto bigger things I know Jesus has called me to in my life. CW will still be going but I will not be so heavily involved with TS anymore & will leave it to Gwion, Cameron & Joe. But thats a few years away yet, for now the four of us have some work to do. ☺️  We pray you are excited as we are for our list of upcoming DLC from Caledonia Works. – Kris


Current Project:

GWR Cathedral Class

L&Y Class 5

GWR 47xx “Night Owls”

In association with SimNation

In association with SimNation

SimNation is the company that does all the scripting & simulation for our products. They are extremely talented & skilled at pushing TS to its very limits to bring you the most advanced scripting but while remaining flexible & fun. Their goal is to have all the bells & whistles of advanced scripting without any of the loss of “play value”. Caledonia Works is very proud to work along side SimNation.

In association with Steam Sounds Supreme

In association with Steam Sounds Supreme

Steam Sounds Supreme is the company that does most the sound work for our products. They are extremely talented & skilled to making the highest quality sounds possible for the Train Simulator. They specialize in sound engineering and audio recording and production. Caledonia Works is very proud to work along side Steam Sounds Supreme.

In association with E-G Media

In association with E-G Media

E-G Media is the company that does sound recording from the real steam locomotives for use our products. Chris Eden Green is extremely talented & skilled to making the highest quality sound recordings possible for Caledonia Works. They specialize in audio recording, production, photography & are famous for their “Steam Locos in Profile” series on Youtube. Caledonia Works is very proud to work along side our personal friend Chris Eden Green.


LMS Princess Royal
LMS Unrebuilt Royal Scot
LMS Patriot
LMS Fowler 4P
LMS Class 2P
LMS Hughes Crab
GNOSR D40 Class
FR A5 Class & Wagons
FR 115 Class
FR 2-2-2WT
FR K1 Class
FR D5 Class
FR L2 Class
GNR Class C2 “Atlantic”
GNR Class J6
GER Class C53
GER Class B77
GCR Class 9J “Pom Pom”
GCR Class 8F
GCR Class 6B
GCR Class 1
GCR Class 9K
GCR Class 8A
GCR Class 1A
GCR Class 8B
GCR Class 9D
GCR Class 1B
MR Lickey Banker “Big Bertha”
MR 2000 Class “Flatiron”
MR 3835 Class 4F
MR Class 3F
MR Class 2F
MR 690 Class
MR 2441 Class
MR 700 Class
MR 1000 Class
MR 115 Class “Spinners”
LNER Thompson L1
LNER Class J39
LNER Class B1
LNER Class P2
LNER Class D49
LNER Class A3
LNER Class P1
NLR Class 75
S&DJR Class 7F
LT&SR 79 Class
NBR K Class
NBR C Class
NBR H Class
NBR G Class
NBR C16 Class
LSWR 700 Class
LSWR Class M7
LSWR N15 class
LBSCR D1 Class
LBSCR D3 Class
LBSCR E1 Class
LB&SCR C2X Class
HR Castle Class
HR Strath Class
HR Small Ben Class
HR Dornoch Tanks
HR Clan Class
HR Barney Class
HR Snaigow
SR U class
SR Q Class
SR V Schools class
W.G Bagnall 0-6-0ST “New Standard 18”
Victorian Railways NA class

L&Y Class 23
L&Y Class 21
L&Y Class 7 “HighFlyers”
L&Y Class 30/1 Twin Pack
L&Y Class 27
L&Y Dreadnought Tank
L&YR Class 25
L&YR Class 8
SECR D Class
SECR P Class
SECR O/O1 Class
LSWR O2 Class
LSWR 0298 Class
GER S69 Class
GER Y14 Class
GER D14 Class
GER D15 Class
GER D16 Class
GER Class M15
GER Class P43
GER Class G58
GER Class S56
LBSCR B1 Class
LBSCR H2 Class
LB&SCR L class
LNWR Improved Precedent
LNWR Claughton
LNWR Cauliflower
LNWR D Class
LNWR Teutonic Class
LNWR George the Fifth Class
LNWR Prince of Wales Class
LNWR Special Tank
LNWR Precursor Tank
LNWR Dock Tank
GNR Class J13
GNR 0-4-2 Tender Locomotives
GNR Class A1
GNR Class N1
GNR Class R
NER Class P2/3
NER Class R
NER Class S3
NER Class G/G1
NER Class T
NER Class T3
NER J72 Class
NER No. 66 “Aerolite”
NER 1463 Class
NER Class D
NER H Class
Hudswell Clarke No. 1074 & sister locomotives
GWR King Class
GWR Saint Atlantic
GWR 3700 Class
GWR 455 Class
GWR 388 class
GWR 813
GWR Dean Goods
Met E Class
GWR 4700 Class
GWR River Class
GWR 517 Class
GWR Galloping Gertie
GWR 39xx Class
GWR 1361 Class
GWR 6800 Class
GWR 4900 & 6959 Class
GWR 4300 & 7300 Class
LMR Lion & Tiger
HR River Class
CR 72/113 Class
CR 300 Class
CR Dunalastair II,III, IV
CR 1 Class
CR 55 Class
CR 60 Class
CR 956 Class
Penrhyn Port Class