CR 262 Class



  • Numerous camera views
  • Period accurate CR Lamps
  • Realistic Fully Functional Cab
  • Variants ranging from 1885-1947
  • Custom sounds
  • 3D firebox and coal
  • Variant Customization (ie. Smokebox Door handles, coal rails, chimneys etc)
  • Animated Inside Valve Gear
  • New dynamic particles
  • SimNation’s Locomotion v1.3 scripting featuring:
  • Performance Mode Pro
  • Advanced Safety valves, chimney particles & systems
  • Fire intensity synchronized with exhaust beat
  • Carefully created simulation for realistic performance


Quickdrives with the following:

  • CR 6W Coach Pack
  • LMS Wagons
  • Ex-HR Wagons (Jones Goods)


  • Build Date – 1885
  • Total Built – 2
  • Running Service – 1887 to 1951 (61 Years)
  • Wheel Arrangement – 0-4-2ST
  • Number of Cylinders – 2
  • Wheel Size – 3ft 8 in
  • Boiler Pressure – 140 PSI
  • Designer – Dugald Drummond

Download Size: 319 MB


The Caledonian Railway 262 Class was a 0-4-2ST designed by Dugald Drummond in 1885. There were only two locomotives built & they were intended for the Killin Branch on the famous Callander & Oban line. This is where they acquired the nicknames “Killin Pugs”. They were essentially a 0-4-2ST version of the already successful CR 264 Class “Pugs” but with a rear pony to support a added bunker.
However, fate would have it that they were soon too under powered for the line & had too little fuel capacity. They were allocated to shunting duties like their 264 counterparts after being replaced with CR 171 Class Tanks. Upon grouping in 1923, both were absorbed into the LMSR. They were eventually moved to Inverness depot for shunting duties where they did so for the remainder of their working lives, with the last one eventually being withdawn in 1947.


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