GNR Class K1


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Performance Mode
Multiple Camera Views
Custom GNR & LNER Lamps
Wheel slip Dynamics
Custom Sounds recorded from the NER T2 on the NYMR
6 variants from GNR & LNER
Custom GNR Cab
Automatic Fireman
Fully modeled 3D Firebox & Coal
New Dynamic steam & smoke particles
Brake physics
Flashing fire glow in sync with exhaust
New Locomotion 1.2 script by SimNation
Animated Valve Gear
Gradually opening safety valves
Quick drives with NER, GCR, LNER & CL stock.

Build Date – 1901 – 1909
Total Built – 55
Wheel Arrangement – 0-8-0
Weight – 96 tons
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 20 x 26in
Wheel Size – 4ft 8in
Boiler Pressure – 170 PSI
Tractive Effort – 26,835 lbf
Designer – Henry Ivatt


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