GWR Wagon Pack 1

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  • GWR 7P Plank Wagon
  • GWR 8T Ballast Wagon
  • GWR 20T Toad Brake Van
  • GWR Bloater Fish Van
  • GWR Coral A Wagon
  • GWR Cordon Gas Wagon
  • GWR DD3 14T Tank Wagon
  • GWR Fruit D Van
  • GWR Gunpowder Van
  • GWR H7 Conflat Wagon
  • GWR Loriot L Wagon
  • GWR Mica B Refrigerated Van
  • GWR Open A Wagon
  • GWR Open C Wagon
  • GWR Siphon G
  • GWR Tool Van
  • GWR Riding Van
  • GWR W12 Cattle Van
  • GWR 3 Plank Wagon
  • Custom Wagon Sounds differing per wagon
  • Varied loads per wagon
  • Variety of GWR, BR & Private Owner liveries
  • Realistic physics & weight
  • Working tail lamps on the brake van
  • Custom passenger view on the brake van
  • Scripted depots on the Brake & Riding Vans
  • Quick drive Ready

Modelled by DryJack


Quick-drive Consists requirements with the following DLC:

Size: 1.96GB

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1 review for GWR Wagon Pack 1

  1. Steve Roebuck (verified owner)

    Other suppliers (eg Victory Works, SSS, DT and those that come with Peter Goodearl’s 56xx, available from Steam) have their own version of many of these wagons. However, this single pack gives the most comprehensive set of GWR wagons in both BR and GWR livery – so it is very good value for money. Also, they are very detailed, for example the individual leaf springs are modelled rather than being represented with a single block of the correct shape. I particularly like the brake vans because of the detail and weathering, which leads on to another point – many of the wagons from other suppliers are shown as if they are newly emerged from the carriage and wagon works, whereas these are nicely weathered, which looks much more authentic. I highly recommend this wagon pack.

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