LNWR Webb Coal Tank

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Performance Mode
Multiple Camera Views
Custom LNWR Lamps
Wheelslip Dynamics
Custom Sounds recorded from LNWR Coal Tank No.1054
Variants ranging from LNWR to Preservation
Custom LNWR Cab
Automatic Fireman
3D Firebox
Animated Brake Rigging
Animated firing shovel
Changing Smoke particle physics

Build Date – 1881-1897
Total Built – 300
Wheel Arrangement – 0-6-2T
Weight – 43T
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 17in x 24in
Wheel Size – 4 ft 5 1⁄2 in
Boiler Pressure – 150 PSI
Tractive Effort – 16,530 lbf
Designer – F. W. Webb

2 reviews for LNWR Webb Coal Tank

  1. David Elvar (verified owner)

    One of the very best TS developers out there, Kris Wilson just goes from strength to strength. This particular offering is superb. It looks the part, performs well and the sound set is lovely. Thoroughly recommended.

  2. TransportSteve

    Picked up this pack for the various LMS routes I have obtained over the years, you get over 20 locos included in various liveries, which is brilliant value for money, as well as the sounds and the playability of the levers and the steam chest, etc, etc. Unsure about the brakes, they seem to take forever to stop even when slamming into emergency when I got too near the buffers, although I did have a heavy trailing consist, so maybe it was me overloading its capabilities, lol.
    Anyway, it’s a fabulous package heartily recommended, beautifully designed and built, just the job for all my shunting duties and branchline work.

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