SECR C Class

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Performance Mode
Multiple Camera Views
Custom SECR, SR, BR Lamps & Discs
Wheel slip Dynamics
Custom Sounds recorded from SECR O1 Class
12 variants from SECR, SR, BR & Preservation
Custom SECR Cab
Automatic Fireman
Fully modeled 3D Firebox & Coal
Dynamic steam & smoke particles
Brake physics
Animated Brake rigging
Flashing fire glow in sync with exhaust
New Locomotion 1.2 script by SimNation
Animated Valve Gear
Scenarios made by Stuart Steel
Gradually opening safety valves
Animated shovel
Custom Headboards
Optional Westinghouse Pumps & Overhead stickers

Build Date – 1900-1908
Total Built – 109
Wheel Arrangement – 0-6-0
Weight – 43 tons
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 18 ½ x 26in
Wheel Size – 5ft 2in
Boiler Pressure – 160 PSI
Tractive Effort – 19,520 lbf
Designer – Harry Wainwright

2 reviews for SECR C Class

  1. robertdooley4 (verified owner)

    This Model is based on SECR C Class No. 592 that was made Famous as the Green Dragon in the 2000 version of The Railway Children, I have Tested it on the Bluebell Railway, Canal Line, and Marseille – Avignon Routes, I Highly Recommend this, it’s Top speed is 30.9 mph, controlling is excellent and with 12 – 13 versions it is defiantly worth the price

  2. G J Roberts (verified owner)

    A great little engine which performs well. Linking up quickly improves acceleration, just like the CR 812.
    Very pleased with it.

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