SECR No. 313


The SECR Manning Wardle No. 313 was a very unique machine & is the smallest engine on the Southern. Built in 1881 by Manning Wardle & Co, it was built for shunting at the Folkstone Harbour. It did this work for many years until 1919 when it was on a scrap heap at Ashford Works until 1925, when it was taken into the shops, refurbished & overhauled & was given a new lease of life as the Ashford works shunter bearing the new number 225s.
Two years later it was send to Melidon quarry as a shunter, where it remained until 1938 when in need of a major overhaul, it was sadly scrapped.

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  • Numerous camera views
  • Period accurate SECR/SR Lamps
  • Detailed SECR cab
  • SECR & SR Variants
  • Custom sounds
  • Three Folkestone Brake Vans
  • 3D firebox and coal
  • Animated Inside Valve Gear
  • New dynamic particles
  • SimNation’s Locomotion v1.3 scripting featuring:
  • Performance Mode Pro
  • Advanced Safety valves, chimney particles & systems
  • Fire intensity synchronized with exhaust beat
  • Quickdrives with the following:
  • SECR Wagon Pack 1/SR Wagon Pack 1


  • Build Date – 1881
  • Total Built – 1
  • Wheel Arrangement – 0-4-0ST
  • Number of Cylinders – 2
  • Wheel Size – 2ft 10 in
  • Boiler Pressure – 120 PSI
  • Designer – Manning Wardle & Co.


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