SR Wagon Pack 2




  • Ex-LBSCR 5 Plank Wagon
  • Ex-LBSCR Ballast Wagon
  • Ex-LBSCR 10T Brake Van
  • Ex-LBSCR Carvan Wagon
  • Ex-LBSCR Cattle Van
  • Ex-LBSCR Single Bolster Wagon
  • Ex-LBSCR 8T Van
  • A variety of custom loads/tarps
  • Both Early & Late liveries
  • Custom sounds differing per wagons
  • Realistic weight & physics
  • Working tail lamps on the brake van


  • Quickdrives with the following:
  • CW LB&SCR E4 Class
  • CW LB&SCR E1 Class
  • CW LB&SCR C2X Class
  • CW LB&SCR K Class
  • Victory Works LB&SCR A1/A1X (Steam Sounds Supreme packs)
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