CR 492 Class



The Caledonian Railway 492 Class was designed by John F. McIntosh & built at St. Rollox in 1903. They were built for heavy shunting, banking , short distance goods trains & fitted with Westinghouse brakes for working with 30 ton bogie mineral wagons. Six locomotives which worked at Hamilton, Motherwell and Dundee. Each cost £2250. They had flangeless centre coupled wheels. They could take slightly heavier trains than an 812 Class. They all were absorbed into the LMSR in 1923 where they continued to do their normal work until the last member being scrapped in 1936.

Performance Mode
Multiple Camera Views
Custom CR & LMS Lamps
Wheel slip Dynamics
Custom Sounds recorded from CR No. 419 & 828
CR & LMS variants
Custom CR Cab
Automatic Fireman
Fully modeled 3D Firebox & Coal
Dynamic steam & smoke particles
Brake physics
Flashing fire glow in sync with exhaust
Locomotion 1.2 script by SimNation
Fully Animated Valve Gear
Gradually opening safety valves

Build Date – 1903
Total Built – 6
Wheel Arrangement – 0-8-0T
Weight – 62 tons
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 19x26in
Wheel Size – 4ft 6in
Boiler Pressure – 175 PSI
Tractive Effort – 25,855 lbf
Designer – John F. McIntosh


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