CR 944 Class “Pacific Tank”



Performance Mode
Multiple Camera Views
Animated Westinghouse Pump
Custom CR & LMSR Lamps
Wheel slip Dynamics
New Custom Sounds
6 Liveries
Quick drives
In-Depth Scenarios
Automatic Fireman
Custom CR Crew (made by Smokebox)
Advanced scripting, particle effects, light & performance mode from SimNation
Realistic Westinghouse Pump physics & particles
Authentic CR lamp & Route markers taken from 1915 CR guidebook
New Lamp system
External animations
Custom Cab with Extensive controls

Power Classification – 4P
Build Date – 1917
Total Built – 12
Wheel Arrangement – 4-6-2ST
Weight – 91 Tons
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 19.5x26in
Wheel Size – 5ft 9in
Coal Capacity – 3.3 tons
Water Capacity – 1880 Gallons
Boiler Pressure – 170 PSI
Tractive Effort – 20,804 lbf
Designer – William Pickersgill


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