GCR Class 9N


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Recently remastered textures
Numerous camera views
Period accurate GCR & LNER lamps
Detailed GCR cab
Custom Sounds
Variants ranging from 1911-1961
3D firebox and coal
Animated Inside Valve Gear
New dynamic particles
Performance Mode
Advanced Safety valves, chimney particles & systems
Fire intensity synchronized with exhaust beat
Semi-Advanced Simulation
38 Quickdrives with the following:

  • Matrix Trains “Barnum” Set
  • AP MK1 Coach Pack Vol. 1

Build Date – 1911-1926
Total Built – 44
Wheel Arrangement – 4-6-2T
Weight – 85 tons
Number of Cylinders – 2
Cylinder Size – 20x26in
Wheel Size – 5ft 7in
Boiler Pressure – 180 PSI
Tractive Effort – 23,750 lbf
Designer – John G. Robinson


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