SR Luggage Van Pack 1

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  • Both Pregrouping, SR & BR liveries
  • GBL Vans
  • PMV Vans
  • CCT Vans
  • Scenery Vans
  • Van Bs & Van Cs
  • Over 79 different variants
  • Opening doors at platforms
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom luggage piles used as loads and placeable assets in scenarios
  • Passenger views for Vans B and C, including head-out views at each window and both forward and backward periscope views
  • Custom chalkboard text controlled through the Rail Vehicle Number
  • Realistic weight & physics
  • Working tail lamps


Made by Albinopigeon

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4 reviews for SR Luggage Van Pack 1

  1. henry hughes

    Wow every one of them.

  2. John C Blessing (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the amount and with the customization. Even getting details like the flag on Churchill’s coffin down to the cloth.

  3. Brayden Hartman (verified owner)

    Love these vans they are an amazing piece of rolling stock Kris and the team have done an awesome job lately! keep it coming guy’s.

  4. Paul Gildersleve (verified owner)

    These vans are quite excellent and are a must for any SR route, or in fact any route. Definitely a must have item.

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