LNER Wagon Pack 3




  • Ex-GER 10T 3 Plank Wagon
  • Ex-GER 10T 5 Plank Wagon
  • Ex-GER 10T Covered Goods Van
  • Ex-GER 14T Machinery Wagon
  • Ex-GER 20T Brake Van
  • Ex-GER 20T Steel Loco Coal Wagon
  • Ex-GER 8T Cattle Van
  • Ex-GER Oil Tank Wagon
  • Steam Traction engines as scenery objects
  • Custom Wagon Sounds differing per wagon
  • Realistic physics & weight
  • Working tail lamps on the brake van
  • Brake Van camera views
  • Quickdrive Ready

Made by Darlington Works (Camscott)


Quick-drive Consists requirements with the following DLC:

Size: 458MB

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